Why Are Finnish Kids So Smart?

Why Are Finnish Kids So Smart?

I read this and began to literally drool because my mouth was agape and I could not believe what I was reading.

The Finns have built a school system that recognizes that what really turns people on is having “autonomy, mastery, and purpose”.

Favourite quote: “Accountability is something that is left when responsibility has been subtracted.”


Chicago teachers

Journalist Sarah Blaskey and International Socialist Review columnist Phil Gasper describe an unusual debate between venture capitalist/school “reformer” Bruce Rauner and Jesse Sharkey, the vice president of the Chicago Teachers Union–the day after the teachers’ strike ending in an important victory for teachers and the whole labor movement.


The speech Ken Coran should have made

Norm Rogers, long time OSSTF activist (Secondary Teachers’ Bargaining Unit), now retired and a member of the Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit, recently proposed the idea of  a Youtube video with someone delivering the speech that Ken Coran, Provincial OSSTF leader, should have made on the day that Bill 115 was passed. Here’s an extract:

The OSSTF believes that given this unwarranted and unconstitutional attack on our rights as workers, we have no choice but to pick up the gauntlet that has been thrown at our feet and declare that we are now in a state of war with Mr. McGuinty and the Liberal-Tory coalition. It will not be business as usual in the schools and I would expect that out of frustration most teachers across the province will once again withdraw from all school committees and cease volunteering for extra-curricular activities even without a union directive to do so. Should this course of action fail to bring the government to its senses a full scale walkout/political protest may be the only option.

For the full text (which we emphasize is only in draft form) open Coran speech

Norm would welcome comments and suggestions.

Why selling out is no longer an option — New Internationalist

Why selling out is no longer an option — New Internationalist.

A very articulate and pointed critique by a young feminist writer. She nicely outlines the generational crisis that is developing as our current economic and political system fails to address the growing problems of inequality, unemployment, and climate meltdown.

Participate in this poll for teachers

One of the teachers that contributes to this blog has created a survey for Ontario teachers in ETFO and OSSTF.  The goal of the survey is to shed some light on how teachers feel about the unofficial withdrawal of some ECs.  Responses are confidential and aggregated responses will be shared with readers of this blog in a week or so.  Thanks!