Star editorial on Donationgate

Let the games begin D12
It didn’t take long for the Toronto Star to pick up on donationgate. Here is the editorial (no less!) in the Star of Tuesday, Feb 5th.

And here is the letter I submitted in reply:

Editorial: Cynical game in schools, Feb 5th

Your comment, that “rank and file teachers have a right  to be confused, or even upset” about the donation of $30, 000 from union funds by the executive of the Toronto local of the Ontario Secondary Teachers’ Federation, is an understatement. Upset? Confused? I imagine that the members will be livid on hearing this news.

However, it is clear that the Star has its own agenda here in trying to whip up anti-teacher sentiment regarding their current tactics of disengaging from voluntary activities. The Toronto members of OSSTF will deal with the matter of the donations in their own way, through the internal, democratic structures of the union but they will not be distracted from the more serious fight against government imposed “contracts”.

The Star doesn’t get it. High School teachers are not, as you claim, “obliged to follow union directives” on extra-curriculars. Teachers, with the support of their union,  have willingly decided to use a tactic that is not the best but is the only one left to them in the current circumstances.

Tim Heffernan

(High School Teacher and co-Branch President of York Mills CI branch of  OSSTF District 12)


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