Petitioning to right a wrong

Petition cartoon

“The right of petition is an old undoubted household

right of the blood of England, which runs in our veins.”

Caleb Cushing, 19th Century American diplomat

Some 5,500 secondary teachers and OSTTF members of District 12 received an e-mail today (Feb. 20) containing  the REWT newsletter as an attachment plus an invitation to sign a petition with the following text:

We, the undersigned members of OSSTF District 12, wish to express our profound dissatisfaction with the decision of our STBU executive to donate $30,000 of members’ money to four of the Ontario Liberal Party leadership candidates. Three of those candidates were cabinet ministers of the provincial government that stripped our contracts by the imposition of Bill 115.

The executive’s action was in direct contravention of a September 19, 2012 e-mail from Ken Coran, Provincial President of OSSTF, and undermines the solidarity of our union’s fight to reopen our contract for free collective bargaining.

Further we wish to express our lack of confidence in those members of the D12 STBU executive who supported this decision and to ask that Provincial OSSTF investigate the matter to determine if those actions constitute a breach of OSSTF bylaws or policies and if so, to take appropriate remedial action.


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