Welcome ye who have signed the petition

If this is your first time of visiting the REWT blog, you may be interested in finding out what we’re all about and in knowing our history.
Our history is explained in the page on this site “what we’ve done”

Our values haven’t been fully articulated yet but this page “what we value” will give you an idea,


2 thoughts on “Welcome ye who have signed the petition

  1. I was one of the senders of today’s email which contained the REWT Voice and a link to the petition to the General Secretary of Provincial OSSTF. I received many replies, most of them positive. Many teachers sent their private email addresses, and many also sent positive comments about our publication. I received many replies stating that there were problems with the petition link. If teachers were trying to go to the link using a board computer which had an older version of Explorer, they couldn’t get to the petition. However, I downloaded the Firefox browser, and the link worked perfectly. Keep the pressure on OSSTF — go to the petition site and add your name and comments. Many teachers have added their own comments. Very interesting comments.

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