Visit to London to Visit Coran


10:45 – Tim Heffernan and the author of this post (Janice Patterson) met up with Katia Berdichevsky with her four-month-old son, and Cynthia Grant at 60 Mobile Drive with the intention of meeting with Paul Elliot to talk about our issues with Ken Coran running as a Liberal in the London West by-election.  We were told that Elliot was in a meeting.  We then asked to see Bischoff or Dubue or any member of the Provincial Executive.  They were all in the same meeting.  We said we’d wait.  There was a little flurry of activity as two different employees of Mobile Drive got involved and told us that the meeting was going on and they had no idea when it would be finished, but directed us to the cafeteria where we could wait comfortably.  After about 20 minutes, Lori Foote, OSSTF Associate General Secretary, appeared and told us that there would be no meeting with the Provincial Executive members, as they were all busy.  She also told us that from Tim’s email exchange of the previous day with Paul Elliot, we should have known that there would be no meeting today.

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One thought on “Visit to London to Visit Coran

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