Toronto Plaza Hotel victory

Picket line_Aug7_PeterTor Plaza picket line_2Picket line_2_Aug_TimLabour Day coincided with the announcement of the settlement of the strike of workers at the Toronto Plaza Hotel. The issues behind the strike are explained here. REWT supporters in Toronto can be proud of the role they played in supporting the strikers, through raising awareness and money.
Individual members:
– visited the picket lines;
– stayed as “guests” in the hotel to distribute pro striker flyers to clients’ rooms;
-started an online petition to gather support for the strikers;
-wrote a guest blog entry on the blog of OECTA activist David Chiarelli;
– raised the strikers’ issues at the teacher conferences of ETFO and OSSTF in August;
– were the key players at those conferences to persuade the unions to make donations (over $8,000) to the strikers.


The “T” of REWT


REWT's first airing

Reflecting the increasing support for REWT beyond the place where it all started, REWT  now officially stands for “Rank and file Education Workers Together”.  The new banner was aired at a REWT meeting in Toronto on Sunday, September 1st and it will get its first public outing at the 2013 Toronto Labour Day parade