REWT produces newsletter, OSSTF edition

The impetus for the newsletter came from “donationgate” and the need to inform members of OSSTF District 12 about what this is all about. Despite the fall out from the Toronto Star editorial (February 11th) on the subject, many members are completely unaware of what has happened. The D 12 leadership is being unusually tight lipped about it – at the time of writing, they still have issued no formal communication (no mass e-mail, no Executive Action) to the members, giving their side of the story. Maybe, they are thinking they can ride out the storm and live to fight another day. Maybe they can but it’s going to be a very bumpy ride. The first test will come this Thursday (Feb. 21st), at the regular monthly Council meeting of the Secondary Teachers’ Bargaining Unit of D12. For this meeting, an unprecedented number of branch motions from schools have been submitted. (The agenda for the meeting including motions can be found here.) All of them are either critical of the decision to donate money to the Liberals or of the secretive manner in which the business has been conducted.