REWT Core Principles


In the summer of 2013, REWT supporters conducted a poll on the REWT Facebook page with the purpose of reaching a consensus around REWT core principles. There was good debate with suggestions to add, drop and reword. In February  2014, the revised principles were then presented, one at a time, on the FB page, to be voted on. All were approved, either unanimously or by a majority of 90%. So these are the principles:

1. “We endeavour to develop politically active union membership which will fight for collective bargaining, use social media and mainstream media for public relations purposes, educate the public as to issues in public education, promote solidarity of education workers, increase member involvement, support other unions in their fights for better working conditions, and appeal to non-teacher activists.”

2. “We oppose all attempts to privatize education through any means including charter schools and voucher schools.”

3. “We will advocate for education workers who have not been adequately represented: we will work to ensure that our more vulnerable members, including but not limited to EA’s, support staff, and occasional teachers and newer education workers are defended and supported.”

4. “We support our unions’ desires to abolish EQAO testing, and extend that to all mandatory standardized testing, especially those considered as ‘high stakes’ where passing the test is a prerequisite for High School graduation. Furthermore we oppose testing for the purposes of international comparisons and rankings such as PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment).”

5. “We believe in one publicly funded, secular education system which includes both French and English language schools.”

6. “We maintain that seniority is a fundamental principle of trade unionism that needs to be defended.”

7. “To ensure/maintain positive working conditions for its members, conditions which are properly determined through a fair, collective-bargaining process and ratified by all-member voting, REWT shall lobby the leadership of its member unions to provide prompt, non-violent response (including, but not limited to mass protests, advertisement campaigns, media interviews, political action, and job action) whenever its members’ working conditions are threatened and/or imposed.”


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